Our Story

In 1994, Health Care Education and Training (HCET) was formed out of the belief that all people should have access to high quality family planning and reproductive health care and education, regardless of their income and geography. These services and programs should be provided by clinicians, educators, and other professionals that are receiving the best training and support available. HCET fills the gaps between trainings, education, and practice. We support direct services providers so they can deliver high quality care tailored to their agency and community. 

HCET's work is focused in the states that surround the Great Lakes (IN, WI, IL, MN, MI, OH). We are continuously expanding as we find new partners, advance the integration of reproductive and sexual health into new sectors, and focus on finding "what works" through impactful program evaluation and moving data to action. 

HCET Virtual Learning

    In 2020, HCET went virtual by providing access to short, self-paced modules and resources focused on reproductive and sexual health. On this learning platform, you can find virtual courses with topics including adolescent health, family planning, and sexually transmitted diseases. Courses are designed to support the professional development of health educators and other individuals teaching youth and adolescents, clinicians and family planning specialists, and other professionals working in reproductive and sexual health.

    See the course catalog for a full list of courses. For technical assistance, partner or education requests, and all other LMS questions please email learn@hcet.org for support. To learn more about the other offerings HCET provides, please visit hcet.org